Sunday, February 6, 2011

Monday, January 24, 2011

Another Liddil Coward

On January 24,1882,Dick Liddil surrendered to Sheriff James H.Timberlake. The surrender came from Liddil's fear that Jesse was to soon find out about the death of his cousin,Wood Hite(which either Robert Ford or Liddil shot and killed).Liddil sent his wife,Mattie Collins,to Judge W.H.Wallace,where she set up a deal that Liddil would not be charged with Hite's murder,if he were to give information on the other gang members.Below is a picture of Liddil.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

RIP Nichols & McMahon

On January 15,1871,John Younger was giving a weapons demonstration on an elderly man in Scyene,Texas by shooting a pipe out of his mouth.The next day,the elderly man went to the sheriff and stated that John was trying to kill him.The sheriff sent out deputy Charles Nichols and James McMahon to arrest John.After taking John out to the livery stable,a gunfight ensued.Both Nichols and McMahon were found dead while John was wounded in his arm.He fled the scene.Below is a picture of John Younger.

Jim Younger's Birthday

On January 15,1848,Jim Younger was born in Jackson County,Missouri.He was the ninth of 14 children.Jim joined Quantrill's guerrillas until 1865,when he was captured by Union soliders.He was held prisoner until the end of the Civil War.Afterwards,he tried to live a civil life,but he ended up joining the James-Younger gang.He was off-and-on with the gang throughout their reign,going back and forth from a civil life to robbery.He was known to be the quiet one,but a great listener of the gang.Below is a picture of Jim.